Babywearing Question:
“I was thinking about trying out the Gemini (although I could never give up my Beco Butterfly II; too many fond memories!). Does it seem like the Gemini would be better suited for petite mamas and petite babies? I saw that the body of the Gemini is shorter than the Butterfly when the headrest is down. I think my daughter would love that because she could see out more. We are both small (I’m 4’10, about 120, and she is 16.5 lbs. and 28″ long at 13 months). Do you think the Gemini might work better for us?”

Answer from the PAXbaby mama:
I am a true Butterfly fan also, and while the Gemini has a shorter body when the headrest is down, the waistband is actually less ideal for petite mamas!! Here is the link to my blog post comparing the 2 carriers, and you can see here the way that the new Gemini waistband curves!

PAXbaby Gemini Beco Butterfly II

My friend who is just a couple inches taller than you could NOT get that waistband comfortable due to the large curved belt. If you want a petite Soft Structured Carrier though, take a look at the the Pikkolo which is better suited for petite parents. your daughter would not need the support band yet, and would fit nicely! I have a Pikkolo available to rent to see if you like it as much as your Beco Butterfly II!!!

*happy babywearing*

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