When you want the newest scoop on the Beco Baby Carrier scene; when you want to find the best selection of Butterfly IIs available;  when you want to get carrier advice from a mom who has worn 5 babies and has used countless carriers to compare and contrast over the 7 years; when you want to talk to the real Beco fan who has been there since the beginning, who you gonna call?   The PAXbaby mama, of course!  From the original 4G to the newest Gemini, I have worn, used, shared, and compared Beco Butterflies for going on 4 years!  Want a Beco, ask PAXbaby!

As the Gemini release date gets closer, I am receiving messages from moms who don’t know which Beco version to choose.  Keep the questions coming, mamas, but in a nutshell:

Worried about back carrying independently?  Beco Butterfly II features the integrated panel for easy back carries.

Want to face baby out or carry on your hip?  Beco Gemini has a convertible front panel for FFO carries and manipulatable shoulder straps for hip carries also.

Looking for a basic carrier with a hood & a great sense of style?  Beco 4th Generation

Have a large baby or plan on wearing a larger child?  Beco Butterfly II has a weight maximum is 45 pounds.

Have a petite baby or plan on not using the carrier through toddlerhood?  Beco Gemini has a weight maximum is 35 pounds.

Want to cross the shoulder straps for extra support and comfort? Beco Gemini or 4th Generation

Want to babywear in comfort and love?  Any Beco Baby carrier will do the job!

Keep checking back with PAXbaby for more Gemini details, information, and pictures!  This is the place to be for all things Beco!!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*

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