Not having a baby around to cuddle is very depressing for a baby addict like myself!   My youngest child, Baby #5, is only 21 months, and thankfully still a nursing fiend & babywearing fan, but there is nothing like the snuggles you share with a young baby in a favorite baby carrier!

I was delighted to get some squishy time with a friend’s baby recently, and it was hard to decide what to wear him in! I decided on my luscious Sakura Bloom silk (washable!!!) ring sling in the tummy to tummy position to give Harper some “tummy time.” I was in heaven, Harper seemed quite content in my sling, and my ovaries were going nuts!!!!

Until Baby #5 discovered us outside and had a total fit!!! He mainly signs to communicate with us, but he was mad enough to actually say Mama Mama over and over as he pulled at my sling! Jealous much??

I laughed until I cried, and then I prayed that if (and when) the PAXbaby Baby #6 comes along, #5 doesn’t have big time issues and a mental breakdown! And poor little Harper in my sling had no idea why his perfect little world was being disrupted by a howling banshee on the ground! I have to admit that to make it up to Baby #5, I popped him in the sling next and gave my little envious man his own personal “heaven in a sling,” mommy milk!

*happy babywearing*

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