As a babywearing advocate and know it all, I get asked frequently “which carrier should I get?” and it is the best feeling in the world to hear positive feedback from the parents I’ve helped!  Sarah emailed me looking for a carrier for her husband to wear!  She ordered the All Camo Oh Snap! which arrived on her doorstep the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend!  Perfect timing!!!

“My husband, J., loves this carrier so much! All he could say when he first tried it on was how comfortable it is. I have gone back to work part-time, and I work nights most of the time that I work, so it is just Baby Boy and J. Baby Boy does not like to be put down, and J. had been complaining that his back hurts from holding him all the time. The second he tried on the Oh Snap! he loved it! He said he is never wearing any other carrier ever again–he can wear it for hours without any problem and he can get Baby Boy to fall asleep in it.  Whenever we go out,  he is sad that he forgot his carrier, all he can say is “I wish we had brought my carrier,” over and over. I think it is going to live in the car so we don’t forget it anymore.

He can’t wait to show it off to everyone and have our family and friends try it out! I am so glad that he likes it so much–I was a bit worried because he was kind of indifferent to the idea of getting his own carrier–he had a nasty crotch dangler that we got for a shower gift that he used once or twice and said it would work just fine. Well, he can’t get rid of it fast enough after using the Oh Snap!  He is so cute. Thank you sooooo much for all of your help, and for shipping it so fast! It is the best gift I could have gotten for my husband and son!!!!!”

BabyHawk Oh Snap!

*happy babywearing*

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