We all know that babies drool – A LOT! And that’s all fine and well when they are spitting on a blanket or Mommy’s shirt that is easily washable.  But when the drool begins to overflow baby’s gummy mouth and causes a stain on your favorite baby carrier shoulder straps, Mommy is NOT pleased with her little pumpkin’s saliva antics anymore.  Mommy now needs to wash her baby carrier leaving baby without a carrier and leaving Mommy with very sore arms.  Mommy is beyomd grumpy at this point and wishes that she had simply included that small item when she bought her baby carrier at PAXbaby – the Drool Pads.

Drool Pads

And they are essential!  Because not only do the Drool Pads protect the carrier from your baby, they also protect your baby from the carrier!  Scratchy webbing, plastic buckles, or dyed twill can possibly be right at baby’s face level resulting in a babywearing injury completely preventable by the use of the Baby Carrier Drool Pads!

Made in the USA
from 100% ORGANIC terry cotton
reversible for maximum saturation
touch tape closure
absolutely machine washable
receive 2 Drool Pads per package
reusable packaging for us eco mamas

shown here on a Beco, but will fit any baby carrier!

Add a set of drool pads to your baby carrier order or purchase a set from PAXbaby with free shipping to use with  a carrier you already own!  Let baby drool away, you’ll be ready for it 😉

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