The Fluffy Bottom Blog Post

Having cloth diapered babies #1-5, I consider myself to be well versed in the topic of diapering and can hold my own in the cloth versus paper dispute.  However, in my years of diapering, i haven’t come across anything as pure and simple as this disposable diaper test by  These people are my heroes already, but now that they tied dirty diapers to their arms for a day, they are on a pedestal so high I can’t even see them!

I get asked all the time “what is your favorite cloth diaper,” and the truth is, I love them all!  Nothing better than swaddling your baby’s buns in squishy cloth instead of a crinkly paper diaper!  Some brands that are tried & true are BumGenius & GroVia (previously GroBaby) and the WAHM diapers made by Muttaqin Baby (pictured below on Baby #5) and the All-in-One diapers by Mum’s Bums!  As far as a diaper that is affordable, but easy, and very well made, check out MotherEase available at Expressed Luv‘s store online & in Monterey, California! Mention PAXbaby and your baby’s gender, and you will get a FREE pair of baby leg warmers (the perfect baby carrier accessory!) with your diaper order! I have been recommending MotherEase cloth diapers for years and love the reaction to them by cloth diaper newbies, “But they are as easy as paper diapers!”  EXACTLY!

This is Baby #5 enjoying the feeling of natural bamboo on his newborn tushy!  Nothing better than having your bottom swaddled in soft cloth!

*happy babywearing* and *merry cloth diapering*

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