Destroy a Bag Sling contest!!!!

Last month, we challenged our BabyHawk fans to find and destroy a bag sling, or 2 or 3!  These “slings of death” were the cause of at least 2 babies’ deaths and the source of the media hysteria against babywearing. Thanks to bag slings like the recalled Infantino Slingrider and the Wendy Bellissimo sling, us babywearers are being chased around markets by little old women claiming that we are trying to kill our babies and being reprimanded in parking lots by well-meaning fathers pushing their children in strollers. We know what a dangerous sling looks like, and your favorite BabyHawk baby carrier  is NOT a dangerous sling – manufactured in China & produced by a large company that knows less about babywearing than the little old lady in the market!

Choosing the winner of our Destroy-a-Bag-Sling contest was too hard for us to decide on our own, so we have our top choices, our leading contestants, our most outrageous sling destructions, and we want YOU to decide which Destroy-a-Bag-Sling Mission deserves a FREE custom BabyHawk Oh Snap! The 2 runners up will each receive a $25 BabyHawk gift certificate.

To view the contestants, go to the BabyHawk Facebook page.  View each of the contestant’s entry. Ponder, think, and decide which fulfilled the criteria the best! Did the entry show safe babywearing? Did the entry have pizazz and spirit? Did the entry do our babywearing community justice?  Did the entry make a statement worthy of a free BabyHawk Oh Snap!???
Choose between Babywearers Unite for Safe Slings contestants #1, #2 or #3.

Leave your 1 vote as a “Like” at the PAXbaby’s Facebook page before Thursday June 17 at midnight PST.

Invite all your friends to vote and become a PAXbaby fan because the more votes we  get, the more prizes will be awarded to our voters!!!!  1 lucky voter will be selected randomly for a fabulous babywearing prize! 2 voters will be selected after 50 votes, 4 prizes will be given out of we can get 100 votes, etc..!!!

And what better cause than to support our babywearers, destroy the myth that ALL slings are equal, and take out those bag slings out of commission!!!! Just 1 vote per babywearer please! Spread the word! Get voting! Round up those babywearers who would LOVE to have a chance to win a babywearing accessory so unique and cool everyone is going to need one! And help 1 lucky mama take home a brand new custom fantabulous BabyHawk Oh Snap!

*happy babywearing*

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