In true Beco fashion, the Gemini has the babywearing world on pins & needles waiting for its release!  You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve read the buzz, it’s time for some facts!

Mainstream moms who wear their babies all reach for the same motley assortment of crotch dangling, front facing out carriers.  But once the Gemini arrives, the boring solid colors of the Bjorn or the 80s plaid of the Snugli will pale in comparison to the beauty of the new Beco Baby Carrier! The Gemini will feature a similar array of prints and motifs as the renowned Beco Butterfly starting with the beloved Paige print shown on the model above.  Get ready for gorgeousness because the Gemini is going to win the baby carrier beauty pageant hands down!

Similar to the ever popular Baby Bjorn, baby can face outwards in the Gemini!  Hard core babywearing moms will say that front facing out carries are dangerous, overstimulating,  or uncomfortable, but as experience has shown me, a small amount of forward facing can be perfect!  When I needed to postpone Baby #5’s afternoon nap, I would turn him around to face the world, learn a bit about his surroundings, and be entertained by his siblings.  After about 15 minutes, I would notice the classic symptoms of overstimulation – neck turning, hands coming up to his face, fussing – and I would turn him around to nestle into his favorite spot and get his nap underway!  Just because the Gemini offers the option to carry baby front facing out, babywearers do not have to choose to use this option.  If baby wants to have some time facing out, the base can be snapped smaller to accommodate the narrow crotch of a smaller baby.  If the base is not snapped to the smaller position, the base of the Gemini is as wide as the Beco Butterfly.

The Beco Gemini is on the LEFT, and the Beco Butterfly is on the RIGHT.

Like the Beco Butterfly, there is a head rest, but the Gemini does not include a removable hood.  The padded headrest can flip up if needed for support, but as shown in our Gemini picture, the top is cuffed down and fastened with snaps.  When baby wants to face out, this headrest will also serve as a padded spot for their head or chin to rest against.

You love the padded waistband of the Beco Butterfly II?  You will love the Gemini waistband too! Same foam structure, same safe buckle.  Remember though, since the Gemini doesn’t come with a hood, there isn’t that pocket at the center of the waistband.  The weight limit for hte Butterfly is 45 pounds while the Gemini will only carry 35 pounds, so keep that in mind when choosing your carrier!

There is the option of crossing the shoulder straps with the Gemini which is a throw back feature to the Beco 4th Generation.  For nursing mothers, this option provides the perfect environment to discretely nurse your baby, and for front carries, the X straps can distribute baby’s weight much more comfortably than the backpack style straps.  Thanks to the buckle on each side of the front panel, each shoulder strap can be unclipped and refastened into the X position or a hip carry position.
Beco Gemini

As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! To read more about the evolution of the Beco Baby Carrier, follow PAXbaby down memory lane at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

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