Front carry, back carry, hood up, hood down, arms in, arms out, wearing your Boba Baby Carrier has as many options as a Starbucks menu, but the bottom line is that this baby carrier is as comfortable for baby as it is for you!

Ideal for babies older than 9 months or heavier than 15 pounds up to toddlers 4 years old or 45 pounds, the Boba helps distribute your child’s weight by providing adjustable foot stirrups.  These slide along the waistband ensuring that the angle of your baby’s legs will be ideal, and the length of the stirrups adjusts for kids with really long legs!

I don’t know about your baby, but mine has strong opinions on how he wants to be worn!  He will show me with his sign language that he wants to be carried on my back or my front, but if he wants a front carry, it’s usually to nurse, so he tucks 1 arm in and 1 arm out to hold my hand!  If he wants to be on my back, he will keep his arms out so he can point at the scenery going by or to pull on my hair!

Tolerating the sun shade, my Baby #5 would prefer to squint than to have the shade attached and blocking his view, but when he falls asleep, the hood is perfect for supporting that lolly head!  If you find that you never have a need for the hood, you can remove it, and stash it away in the Boba box for your next baby, wink wink!

Thanks to Angela for her adorable photos!  Boba Baby Carriers are in stock at PAXbaby now, and Tweet is available to pre-order for late June/ early July shipping to you!

*happy babywearing*

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