As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! If you are interested in the differences between the Butterfly and the Gemini, please read my detailed blog post comparing the 2 Beco carriers!

I can’t tell you any more than this: The Gemini is wonderful, elegant, and you won’t be disappointed!    Are you excited?  I thought you would be!  So while you are waiting ever so patiently you can decide what to do about the new Gemini!  Here are some options:
Since your husband already told you “no more baby carriers,”  why not “borrow” the Gemini to see what you think!  Then, if you love it and have to have it, you can work out the details later with the man of the house!

Sign up for the Traveling Gemini, a Beco Gemini will start here with the PAXbaby mama and then will begin its National tour delighting babywearers across the USA!

Or simply buy a Gemini for yourself and enjoy the Beco goodness with your very own Gemini baby carrier!  Remember, if you don’t absolutely love it, you have 90 days to return your Gemini to PAXbaby for a refund or an exchange!

I can’t tell you when exactly the Gemini will make its appearance, but I am about to burst with the surprise, so stay tuned!

This is an early Gemini prototype, worn with my 10 month old last September!

Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini

And new action shots from Katie and her 30 pound toddler!

Beco Gemini Beco Gemini

And a very early prototype demonstrating the front facing out capability

Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*

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