To make it on to the PAXbaby list of FAVORITE baby carriers, you gotta be something pretty special!  No ordinary baby carriers here!!!!!  The Boba 2G is definitely on the list thanks to its super soft organic twill, generous seat darts, removable hood, foot stirrups, and local manufacturing!  Seriously, does it get better than this?

The Boba Baby Carrier debuted in September 2009 with the first generation which did not include the hood, and although the Boba 1G can still be found, the detachable foot stirrups and removable hood validates the price difference in my opinion!  Having received the JPMA safety certification in March, Boba Baby Carriers can now assure parents that their soft structured carrier meets very strict quality, safety, & functionality requirements set by ASTM!!!  And Nap Inc, the parent company behind Boba and also Sleepy Wrap, is required to test 25% of their Bobas in a certified lab and have Random Retail Testing quarterly so moms like us can be sure that Boba is a safe choice for our babies!  Thanks, Boba!!!!

Featured on the Today Show as one of parent’s best baby carrier choices, I was thrilled to see Boba on the Liz’s iVillage list as a comfortable & safe toddler carrier!  While the press has been going nuts over the recall of bag slings, this was a refreshing news article focusing on fabulous carriers.  From a mainstream point of view, it was great to see Boba listed along with Moby Wrap and the Baby Bjorn!  Wooohoooooo!!!!

Available is a range of nature-inspired colors, Boba just made their first foray into prints with their Tweet fabric custom designed for them at Spoonflower, and we are hoping that this will be the first of many vibrant Boba Limited Editions!

This is an action photo of the Tweet and I think it may be even cuter in real life than in pictures!!!

Our Tweet pre-orders have all been filled now, but if you’d like to email me, I will take your information for the next round of Tweets!  If you are in need of a fabulous soft structured carrier NOW, order a Boba Chestnut, Walnut, Pine, Cedar, Aspen, or Willow for immediate & FREE  shipping!  And if you’d like to “borrow” a Boba to see what all the fuss is about, get more information about PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

Become an expert about SAFE baby products!  Read more about the JPMA official certification or the ASTM standards and regulations!
*happy babywearing*

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