Baby BjornI am not trying to dwell, babywearers, but I’d like to explain again why the Bjorn and similar carriers are just NOT the best choice!  I know that the Bjorn is America’s most popular baby carrier, but that is truly thanks to the company’s massive advertising budget!  The fact that practically every baby registry in every big box store (aka Target, Babies R Us, etc…) includes a Bjorn, Infantino, or Jeep baby carrier is a step in the right babywearing direction!  But it is also negative progress since most Bjorn-wearing parents will give up babywearing after their baby hits double digits in weight.  And why is that, friends?  Because the “crotch dangling” baby carriers like the Snugli and the Infantino hold baby in a terribly awkward and uncomfortable position.  The  baby’s weight puts pressure directly onto a pivotal part of the body – the crotch!  And whether a baby girl or a baby boy is being worn, this cannot be comfortable or ergonomic!  Not only that, but I am convinced that the manufacturers of these crotch dangling baby carriers have actually never worn one of their own baby carriers!  If the manufacturers behind the Bjorn had ever tried actually used their own Bjorn, I think that we would see a huge re-design in their line of carriers!  The brains behind Baby Bjorn , Jeep, & Chicco  would then experience for themselves the ill-fitting shoulder straps and the lack of back & shoulder support needed in a truly GREAT baby carrier!

My guess is that someone has pointed out to these business owners the ergonomic value of baby carriers like the BabyHawk or the Beco leading to the release of the Infantino’s own Mai Tei product, the Wrap ‘n Tie, and Bjorn’s “invention” of a Beco Gemini – esque carrier complete with a waistband, padded straps, & the quintessential Baby Bjorn front facing out capability.  Here is what Bjorn has to say about their new Comfort Carrier:

BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier that provides the best possible support when carrying a bigger and older child for extended periods of time. The waist belt and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps distribute baby’s weight evenly onto your hips and shoulders. For extra comfort, the child can be carried using different leg positions and, as with all BABYBJÖRN Baby Carriers, you can carry your child facing inwards or outwards. BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier’s well-conceived design allows you to carry your child safely and close to you, and at the same time it’s hands-free.

Now, as a mom well versed in babywearing and the lingo of the babywearing world, I can see several key words that Bjorn is using to reel in babywearers previously critical of any carrier with the Bjorn label on it! ERGONOMIC, PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS, DISTRIBUTE BABY’S WEIGHT, HANDS-FREE.  Baby Bjorn has obviously been doing their babywearing homework, and they have discovered what features are most important to us.  However, this large manufacturer has made 1 very large error!  They have priced this new ergonomic Bjorn at around $200 retail, and that is a BIG mistake!  $200 could be spent on a gorgeous wrap conversion, a custom Mai Tei, or a legacy half buckle SSC that will go down in babywearing history!  But $200 spent on a China-made, Beco/ Ergo wanna-be with a Baby Bjorn label and a BRUS store receipt?  I don’t think so, Baby Bjorn!

How can you fight back?

By promoting baby carriers that we know, trust, and deserve to carry your baby!

Wear your WAHM made baby carrier with pride!

Pass out business cards to your favorite mom-owned baby carrier shop!

Urge your mommy friends to register for a GREAT baby carrier instead of a mediocre one!

Let a new parent borrow your own baby carrier and give a quick tutorial so that they can have a GREAT experience with it!

Smile at Baby Bjorn wearing parents, and slyly say “Did you know there is a carrier even MORE comfortable than that one!?!”

And most importantly wear your baby with confidence: let the whole world know that you are a BABYWEARER!

*happy babywearing*

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