I haven’t been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park since I was 8 years old. It seemed huge back then, and WOW, when we took the littlies there last weekend, it was STILL huge! I’m not usually a fan of zoos, but I do appreciate the amount of space that these animals had to call their own. My favorite part was coming over a hill and seeing some giraffes and a rhino hanging out like they were on safari! The kids loved it, and we’re so grateful to my brother who hooked us up with annual passes so we can go again – soon!

My vintage Beco 4th Generation has been waiting to be taken to a zoo and I made sure to have my sweet husband take lotsa babywearing pix of us! The batteries died after the first 20 minutes, so we’ll be sure to take more pictures next time!

A silly PAXbaby slideshow

Look how cute this is!
Watch the new baby elephant on an elephant cam!

*happy babywearing*

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