Yes, I fooled you, but I had to throw you off the scent or you would have been calling me all afternoon!  LOL!!!!

There is 1 Gemini available to win, and YOU could be the one to get it!!!!

Here’s how:

Become a fan at Beco’s Facebook, and while you are there, feel free to stop by and fan PAXbaby as well, heeheee!

Make a video starring your Beco baby carrier (any generation or version is A-OK)

Publish it at YouTube (make sure that your contact info is current!)

Name your video in this way: Beco Gemini Contest FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

So the movie made by Beco’s creator, Gabby, would be Beco Gemini Contest  GABBY CAPERON

Got it?  Any questions?  Oh, when is the contest over?  There is no deadline set yet, so get recording in case the end is near!  And another answer is yes, you need to have a Beco in order to make a Beco movie, but contact me if you need 1 to borrow!  My Beco stash is, well, voluptuous and I have 1 or 2 to spare!

Go, babywearing mamas, go!  Can’t wait to see your creativity shine!  Post here at PAXbaby too so we can show off how talented you all are!  Remember, this is not a small peanuts prize, this is a free BECO GEMINI!!!!!

*happy babywearing*

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