If I could have my entire house covered with the Amy Butler fabric, Sky Temple, I’d be in heaven!  Fortunately for my husband, the print has been discontinued, making it too pricey a project to realistically re-upholster my life in this gorgeous, swirling, flowery, combination of blue and gray!  But at least I have not just 1, but 2, Becos in the Sky Temple fabric!  My Beco 4th Generation was one of the last Beco 4Gs to be manufactured way back when, and it is the ultimate baby carrier!  Perfect and lovely, the Sky Temple Beco 4th was my go-to carrier until low and behold, PAXbaby unveiled the Beco Butterfly in Sky Temple!  Now that is a carrier fit for a queen to wear!  All the bells & whistles of the Butterfly II plus the sweet swirls of the Sky Temple fabric.  After a brief hiatus, PAXbaby again has the dynamic Exclusive Edition Sky Temple Beco Butterfly II available for pre-order with shipping (free, of course!) expected at the end of May!  Does babywearing get much better than this?

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