Thanks, Kyndal, for your gushy love note about your BabyHawk!  We LOVE that you LOVE your Oh Snap! as much as we do!!!

I’ve been a babywearing mama since day one. Well, more like day three. I had a c-section, so we weren’t out and about too soon. Recently I sweet-talked my husband into ordering me a BabyHawk Oh Snap! because I had heard that it was more comfortable than a one-shoulder carrier. We were loving it and using it everyday to go to the grocery store, the mall, etc. But the real test of our Oh Snap! came on the day before Easter at a friend’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid and my husband would have to wear her during the ceremony and during the pictures afterwards. I was so nervous. I’ve never been away from my daughter. Lola is 8 months old and every bit of a “Mama’s girl.” Right before the ceremony started, my husband came and I strapped him into the BabyHawk and off he went with our sweet baby. I was a nervous-wreck. She cries when she’s away from me. What if she screams through the whole service? Will she think I abandoned her? I was the first bridesmaid down the aisle and I’m searching the audience for my husband and Lola. I find them and see that’s she’s sleeping peacefully. (I later found out she slept for an entire hour) My husband’s face is happy and calm. Things were clearly going well. At the very end of the service she woke up when her pacifier fell out, but was still happy. During pictures, she watched from inside the “hawk” as we call it, happy as can be. During the reception we took turns wearing her and the best part of the whole night was when I was able to share a dance with my two loves. She was so comfy in the BabyHawk that she slept right through it. My husband is ordering another BabyHawk for me and yesterday informed me that for Father’s Day he wants his own “hawk” that is “manly” and I’m not allowed to use it. I love that man!

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