Amy in Colorado has a bag sling safety story to share with our readers!  Thanks, Amy and Rylan, for being such great babywearers!  Welcome to the BWing club!


I was new to babywearing and went to a second hand store Once Upon A Child. I wanted to get a sling so I could be “hands free”. Well they had an Infantino Slingrider there and not knowing any better I bought it. I used it when we went to Church, but everytime I put little man in there he would get ridiculously HOT. Like hot fever hot. It was so uncomfortable on my shoulder and back that as soon as I would sit down I would just take him out and hold him. I have since then sent the sling name brand part back to the company and would not recommend ever using them. I now have a BabyHawk meh dai that I absolutely love and is my go to carrier. I use it all the time.

Then – Does he look comfortable to you?

SlingRider bag sling

Now –  Aaaah, that’s better!

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