BabyHawk & PAXbaby double dare YOU!!!

Fight the evil with the good.  Stop the naysayers and prove that not all slings are dangerous and that babywearing can be & should be SAFE!

The Mission: Search and destroy all bag slings!

The Plan: Find ANY bag slings (including the recalled Infantino Sling Riders or Wendy Bellissimo bag slings) or any unsafe baby carriers.  Take these dangerous and uncomfortable baby carriers OUT OF ACTION permanently.  We suggest you look on Craigslist, Freecycle, or at your local thrift shops.

The Goal: To make the world a safer place for our babies by REMOVING THE THREAT of dangerous “sling of death” baby carriers, and to spread the word of Safe Slings!

The Results: To show your fellow Babywearers the work you have done, fill out the mission destroy file to document your mission with photographs, stories, and/ or a video.  1 entry per person, but you can destroy as many slings as you want!

The Best Part: The Babywearing individual who submits the BEST documentation of dangerous baby carrier mutilation will receive a brand new BabyHawk Oh Snap!!!!!

Balls to the walls, Babywearers!  We want to see your hard work in 3 weeks for review and choosing the recipient of a brand new Babyhawk Oh Snap!!!  Deadline for your response email is April 30!!! We will be judging your destructive entry for creativity and presentation.  Extra points for safe babywearing included!  Remember, show these bag slings no mercy!

Download the Mission Destroy Document.

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And PAXbaby

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