Melissa wants to know when the Beco Gemini is coming, and Laura wants to know how it’s different from the Beco Butterfly II, so here a few answers!

Since PAXbaby tried on the Gemini in September, there have been changes made to the carrier especially pertaining to safety.  We can tell you the differences between the Gemini and the Butterfly, but please keep in mind that things may have been updated and will be different on the final version.

While the Beco Butterfly straps are threaded through buckles under the arms, the Gemini has buckles that easily unclip and re-fasten across the back in an X pattern giving more options for front carries and better support for mama’s back.  The body of the Gemini is more narrow than the Butterfly and has a contoured thick headrest similar to the popular Bjorn.  The new carrier is geared more towards accommodating smaller babies and may not feature an internal harness or seat like the Butterfly I  and II have.

For die-hard Beco fans like myself, the wait is hard, but I know that when the Gemini is finally released, it will be a superb carrier with that special Beco flair that we all love and adore!  Let’s all wait as patiently as we can so that Beco can concentrate on perfecting the Gemini for us.  As soon as we know anything new, we will be sure to let you know!

These pictures were taken at Vegas in September with my 10 month old!

Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini

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