We have always received strange looks.  We have always been stopped for more information.  We have always been ready with a smile and a mini-lesson in babywearing.  But now, we are different.  We have been attacked by young men, grannies, and well-meaning daddies pushing strollers with crying infants.  We have been accused of trying to suffocate our babies with our own bare hands and a sling.  We are being whispered about behind hands, shouted at across stores, and taken to task by strangers because we are “still using those things.”

Yes, we know that babies have died, and yes, we know that there is a massive recall right now, but that is NOT this sling.  OUR sling is being worn properly.  OUR sling has baby positioned safely.  OUR sling isn’t causing deaths.  OUR sling is being unfairly maligned by consumers who don’t actually care enough about the issue to research fully.  OUR sling is having to defend itself against the in-laws who always knew “that thing” was a danger.  OUR sling is having to prove all over again why, how, and when OUR babywearing is perfect and safe!

So, don’t cower and apologize, babywearing parents!!!! It is hard to assert yourself to total strangers, but speak up so the truth can be spread!!!  Take the time to talk to these naysayers, and explain why their serious accusation is false! Don’t have a minute or a forceful voice?  Bring a few of these hand outs with you,http://www.sleepingbaby.net/safety.php and when you get the hairy eyeball from someone, just hand them one!   But if you can, just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings are equal! Mine is a SAFE sling!” Just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings kill! Mine is a SAFE sling!”  Just say it!  Tell them “Not all slings have been recalled, because MINE is a SAFE sling!!”  Tell them!!!!  Because we need to take down this rumor that the media has started!!!!

Don't Miss a Thing!