You’ve heard the terrible stories…  You’ve been so glad that you chose a Safe Sling for your baby.  You know all the rules of Safe Baby Wearing!  You are prepared to run after any mom you see wearing an Infantino Sling Rider to beg her to take it off!

Now, we have some babywearing art to provide you with a lighter way to share with your friends the basics of Safe Slings!  Enjoy, share, and look for more fabulous works of art as our very artistic friends create some wonderful babywearing art exclusively for and for the promotion of Safe Slings!

Pattie from Fancie Fannies on Etsy painted these adorable wooden dollies for PAXbaby!!!  They are on their way to California right now, but I can’t wait to see these babywearing mamas in person!!!  Thanks, Pattie, for creating these Safe Sling moms with such accurate detail & helping to spread the babywearing love!!!

5 babywearing mothers each demonstrating Safe Slinging with a different carrier!  From left to right:

Robyn is wearing her baby in a mai tei tummy to tummy.  Kristi has her baby in the upright position in a wrap.  Karina’s blondey is safely positioned upright in a soft structured carrier (the Beco Butterfly in the Alice print to be exact!) Jessie has her little one on her hip in a comfortable pouch, and Mia is wearing her ring sling with a front facing baby.

And their sweet little backsides!!!!  Again from left to right is a mai tei, wrap, soft structured carrier, pouch, and a ring sling!

Thank you, Fancie Fannies, for this adorable hand-made babywearing art!!

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