Top 10 Reasons To Babywear!

#1- Everyone needs a hobby!

#2- Because baby’s face looks so cute out of the carrier like that!

#3- So you can single handedly take 3 children under the age of 2 to the zoo! 2 in the double stroller and 1 on your back!

#4- Because it BUGS your mother-in-law that you have become “one of those” crunchy mamas!!!

#5- It gives you something to dream about & shop for!

#6- How else can you fit in all the newborn snuggles necessary each & every day!

#7- When your daily to-do list looks like mine (feed 4 children, brush 4 sets of teeth, homeschool 4 children, prepare lunch, feed 4 children, etc…) your hands had better be free with baby outa the way!

#8- Truly, just because it’s just adorable!

#9- My mom wore me, and look how happy I am!

#10- To give baby the best view of the world – your smiling face!

Now THAT is a peaceful baby!

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