PAXbaby is celebrating Valentine’s Day with 13 days of Peace & Love leading up to the big HEART day itself! Today is day number five, and it’s hard to believe we’ve waited this long to show some love to the men in our lives! And certainly nothing makes our men more lovable than seeing them with our babies!

PAXbaby loves Babywearing Daddies


My husband knows a good thing when he sees it!  And when it comes to baby stuff, he has an eye for the superfluous!  Fancy cradles and bassinets?  NEVER, he said!  Expensive clothing to be outgrown in a week?  No thank you, he said!  Fancy strollers with all the bells & whistles?  No need, he said!  Baby carriers to suit any need?  Absolutely, he agreed!  And so, we are the proud owners of 2 stashes, HERS and HIS!

AaronKikiMy husband is a man with no time to spare.  He needs to be able to pop that baby in and get on with it!  He needs to be able to buckle on the carrier while locking the car with the other hand all the while making sure that his smoothie doesn’t spill!  He needs to be able to put on the carrier without putting down his cell phone OR his GPS.  And all this while taking care of the 4 older kids.  In a nutshell, my husband needs a good SSC to keep his life simple.  SSC = Soft Structured Carrier or Simply Sensational Carrier if you ask him!

Buckle the waist, put baby in, shoulder straps up, buckle the chest strap, continue with his day!  He has his hands free for zipping zippers, flying kites, building sandcastles, applying band-aids, and whatever else may happen in his everyday life as a stay at home dad!


April of Thrifty Yippie Homemaker shares…

2009 was a year of change for me! In January, my husband and I found out that we would be bringing a child into this world which did amazing things for us…after my husband adjusted to my ridiculous hormones and I came to terms with the fact that I was being invaded by an alien and nothing would ever feel (or fit) the same.

aprilIn May of that year, my husband and I planned to move back to Oklahoma where both of our families lived. It seemed to be an impossible journey with our financial situation at the time; but when push came to shove, both our families and our friends gave us the help and financial support necessary to make our way home.

Then, a very long and arduous summer began. We moved in with my in-laws so that we could start saving money for our nest, which was both a blessing and an ordeal. My husband spent most of the summer working as much as he could and I pulled in some temp work. And in the end, we were in our house awaiting our wonderful bundle of joy.

After our daughter came into the world, things were amazing. We had found a way for me to stay at home with her and my life could not have been more satisfying; but, too soon after her arrival, my cousin, who had been struggling with a rare lung disease, passed away. It was a heart breaking moment in my life but my daughter had given me strength beyond any I had ever known. It was also an event that brought my extended family together.

Through sickness, divorce, and misfortune, it seemed that my once very close extended family had endured some damage that I was unsure would heal. With the sickness and then death of my cousin, everyone came together. We were reminded of why our family is so lucky and so rare. In a time when technology seems to be pulling others apart, we found ourselves pulling together and even using the technology to do so.

So, as I think about love in 2009, I think of all the times that I was proud of my family and the love that I continue to share with my friends. I think of our precious little girl who has brought more love to my already overflowing heart. I think of our rambunctious dog that has been tolerant as we have taken him across the country and forced him to share his territory. I think of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents who are a great blessing to me. And most of all, I think of my husband who is the center of it all, my other half, and the person most responsible for all the love in my life.

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