Call me silly, but rainbows are so amazing! I just    them! We had a huge thunder, lightening, and rain storm, and afterwards, out pops this gorgeous thing in the sky! Trying to explain it to my kids is a challenge because really, I just want to stare at the rainbow until it fades away, but I did my best!

How rainbows are made: Rainbows are made from the water in the air bending the light from the sun.  Sunlight actually has 6 colors in it,  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Purple.  You can’t usually see all these colors in the air because when they combine, they look white.  But when the sunlight shines through the left over rain in the air, the light is refracted which means that you can see all the colors.  A rainbow is curved because water droplets are curved.

Beco & Rainbow

We all oohed and aahed over our rainbow, took a bazillion pictures, and tried to find the pot of gold, no luck!

And yes, I am wearing my trusty rusty Beco Butterfly, and yes there are 5 children in this picture, but #4 was too busy smooching #5 to smile at the camera!

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