My best friend shops online for clothes and has an amazing wardrobe to take her kids to the park, my neighbor buys exotic plants and has a garden to be envied, my sister-in-law collects expensive handbags, & shoes, & jewelry (but that is a post for another time!) As I tell my husband, I could have fallen in love with fast cars, or Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags,  or fancy wine, or spa visits. But instead, I am addicted to babywearing. It is a full blown, no holds barred addiction.  The good news is that my addiction is not only completely harmless but helpful since it helps me to parent and stay sane! Or so I tell my husband who came to me with question marks in his eyes when I packed box after box labeled baby carriers when we moved from our house.

My addiction is beneficial to our life style of raising children peacefully.

My addiction carries our sweet children when their legs are too tired to walk a step further.

My addiction cradles our newborn’s tiny wrinkled cheek in a caress that smells of laundry soap and mommy all mixed in together.

My addiction enables me to take five wild children to the park and come back smiling, unscathed and unruffled.

My addiction gives me a reason to stalk the mailman.

My addiction keeps me up late at night dreaming up my next special something.

My addiction brought me to knowing in my heart that I want, no, NEED, one more baby to feel truly fulfilled.

My addiction means that no one ever has to ask me what I want for my birthday!

My addiction enables my hands to be always free to hold another pair of small hands.

My addiction is babywearing!

Babywearing is a special gift, and I understand that not everyone “gets” it, or understands why I traveled halfway across the world with my luggage half full of carriers.  I know that people are out there thinking I am crazy to strap my baby to my chest while doing housework when I could just pop him in a swing/ bouncy seat/ stroller/ bassinet.  I love that I belong to a secret club that winks at each other when we pass each other at the zoo, and that can meet randomly at an International airport and strike up a conversation that could easily last the entire flight.  I love that every newborn picture I have of my baby shows him asleep in a different carrier!

I love knowing that he is safe, tucked under my chin, with his ear against my heart, and his tiny fists relaxed against my chest!

I love that my older children know the names of my slings and fight over whose turn it is to pick one out for mama.

I love that I have been able to share my love of babywearing with countless other mothers who had no idea the treat that was in store for them.

I love that I can go on and on and on about my love for babywearing, but right now, I need to go spend some quality time with my little one, close and sweet on my back, breathing heavily, and wrapped up tight.

Good night.


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