BobaBringing a new person in to your family is a daunting task! Readjustments in sleeping, eating, and daily living need to be made by you, your husband, older siblings, the family pooch… And that is if there aren’t any difficulties or complications with your new baby! Add in any extra drama and your life is suddenly even harder, and reflux is one of those unforeseen complications that make a simple run to the grocery store nearly impossible! Since baby’s distress is usually the biggest obstacle to getting reflux under control, let’s get baby calmed down and content! Wearing baby in the upright, tummy to tummy position can help immensely not only with keeping the milk down, but a happy baby is NOT a fussy baby and a happy baby is most probably NOT spitting up!

Most slings can be used to wear in the upright position!  Ring Slings, meh dais, Soft Structured Carriers all will work great for your purpose!  Swaddling in a light blanket can add support to baby’s body when wearing upright or, in the case of the Beco Butterfly or Olives & Applesauce, using the infant insert will help keep baby upright and comfortable.  If shopping for a new carrier, keep in mind that you will be washing it frequently so pick a sturdy carrier that will hold up well in the washing machine!

Being hands free is key to getting anything done so breastfeeding in your carrier is a must!  Most new moms don’t usually learn to breastfeed upright, but this could be key to your baby’s success at breastfeeding through the reflux months!  Loosen the carrier you are using until baby is latched on properly, then tighten it up until you can let baby nurse while you get something done!  Do the dishes, clean the windows, put on mascara and pretend that you don’t have huge circles under your eyes, do anything while baby is content, nursing, and secure in your baby carrier!

We know that wearing your baby can’t solve all your problems, but it can sure help!  As Kelley mom says, many parents have found that babywearing helps, so why not sling ’em, right?

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