Now that my sweet boy is 14 months and walking, I have been thinking back over my past 6 and a half years of babywearing history and wishing I could do it all over again! Remember the feeling of cuddling with your newborn, with their sweet, uterus-smelling head tucked into your neck in a tight Moby wrap? The Buddha position with your alert 3 month old peeking out of your pouch, looking this way and that at a whole new world! The first back carry attempt, successful, but you just couldn’t bear to have baby all the way back there… The 6 month old who has discovered the world at your feet but still wants to be held, resulting in a down-up-down dance aided by your ring sling turned hip carrier. At baby’s first birthday party, you are thrilled when relatives ask loudly “are you still using that thing?” and you can proudly say “Yes! I wear it every day!” And now, at 14 months, he is running away on fat little feet, looking back over his dimpled shoulder, and laughing, flashing his 2 tiny white teeth, and I am overjoyed when he finally tires out and wants to be up again. I could (should) be wearing him on my back, but I can’t bear to miss 1 second of these quickly fleeting cuddles. Held snugly in my wrap, sling, carrier, the world passes us by, as we snuggle, close together as one, and savor the moment.

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