Mini Carrier Stash Shot

Mini Carrier Stash Shot PAXbaby #babycate has a baby carrier stash to be envious of! Her collection of mini carriers is extensive and well used! This little girl LOVES to wear her babies – JUST like her mama! She is grateful for all her carriers that have been... Read More
#disneybound at PAXbaby

#disneybound at PAXbaby   As huge Disney geeks, dressing in cosplay has added so much joy to the PAXmoms’  Disneyland trips! What YOU need to #disneybound at home is a theme, any theme! Who is your favorite character? Favorite movie? Favorite ride? How about... Read More
The “one”

The “one” So… let’s get personal… how did you know when you had found “the one”. Now, now now, I don’t mean your significant other, I mean the carrier that made babywearing “click” for you. Was it a... Read More
Happy Birthday, Corrina!!!

Happy Birthday, Corrina!!! Would you like the opportunity to WIN a Corrina’s Rainbow, before you can buy it?! Keep reading!! Happy birthday to PAXmommy Brianna’s litttle Corrina!! We are celebrating with not one, but TWO fabulous new versions of this PAXmommy... Read More
A is for ASLEEP

A is for ASLEEP Let’s play the Babywearing Alphabet game!! Today will be the letter A, so your job is to post a babywearing photo below that begins with that letter. And… GO!!! This is a great game to play in your local groups to get everyone... Read More
EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!

EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs our support! There is a lot happening in the small world of the babywearing industry at the moment. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the... Read More
Sling Ring a ding ding!

Sling Ring a ding ding! Do you need / want / have to have a wrap conversion ring sling this very moment – actually 2 days ago? You have come to the right place because specializes in ring slings!!! Rainbow or patterned, stripes or solids, our gorgeous array of... Read More