Shopping list…

Shopping list… Who else abides by these rules when holiday shopping for their littles?? When you have a big family, shopping can become overwhelming, and EXPENSIVE! Paring down the gifts to four each has helped SO much. What are YOUR go-to shopping rules???... Read More
Little Town

Little Town Little Town It’s a quiet village, but Belle would love to wander these streets with a dreamy, far-off look and her nose stuck in a book!!! Designed by PAXbaby and created by Smitten, Little Town is a tencel cotton blend. Babywearing is a... Read More
Read Aloud with The BFG

Read Aloud with The BFG Our newest adventure in #readaloudrevival is Roald Dahl’s The BFG in which the Giants drink an amazing beverage called Frobscottle.  I challenged each of the kids to design their own magical elixir! The results were varied, but everyone... Read More
Read Aloud Revival

Read Aloud Revival

PAXbaby PAXbaby I’m a huge bookworm, but I don’t have much time for pleasure reading. What I do make sure to have time for is to read aloud to my littles.  A favorite activity in my house is to all snuggle in my bed – queen size! – and listen... Read More
Nurturing a love for books!

Nurturing a love for books! Reading with your child is a small investment with a HUGE pay off! Reading the same book over and over teaches directionality and provides comfort, & the repetition of the story leads to deeper assimilation of the content.  So the next time you are... Read More
PAXbabies LOVE reading!

PAXbabies LOVE reading!

paxbaby paxbaby ALL of the PAXkids LOVE to read. We need NEW children’s book recommendations, please and thank you!!! Which are your family’s faves??? Do you read nightly to your children? We really do try to take the time out to read group stories with... Read More