PAXmommy Brianna’s BABY!

PAXmommy Brianna’s BABY! Our very own PAXmommy Brianna,’s manager, delivered her baby boy yesterday, June 29th at 8:24pm last night in a beautiful home birth, surrounded with the love of family and friends. Her wonderful new addition is 22″ long... Read More
Atitlan is here!

Atitlan is here! A few months ago, PAXbaby hosted a contest very different from standard design-a-wrap gigs; this contest gathered ALL your best ideas for names and then PAXmommy Jillian designed a Girasol wrap to fit the wining name! Out of all the hundreds of... Read More
Rainbow Amber

Rainbow Amber Some wear their heart on their sleeve, but you can wear your love around your neck! Your love for rainbows and for natural healing will both shine for all to see when you wear a Rainbow Jewelry necklace or bracelet! Created for PAXbaby by a... Read More
PAXmommy Brianna is 39 Weeks

PAXmommy Brianna is 39 Weeks Our very own PAXmommy Brianna is 39 weeks pregnant with her  third baby. The last few weeks of pregnancy just seem to drag on. And on. And on… don’t they?? There is something so magical about those weeks, though. There really is... Read More
Xelas are coming!!!

Xelas are coming!!! Xela’s Rainbow was designed by a babywearing mom named Jamie and named after her son, Alex, hence “Xela” which is Alex backwards! Rainbow stripes separated by bronze stripes result in one of the most well loved Gira rainbows... Read More
Love is…

Love is… Love is… Babywearing. Toddler snuggles. Extended nursing. Flowers on a warm Spring day. Exploring, and seeing the world from the best spot around. paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More