Bring on 2015

Bring on 2015 It has been QUITE the year… SO curious to see what 2015 will bring!! New babies? New rainbows? New babywearing adventures!?? Guaranteed that it will be another amazing one for the record books. All the best to YOU & your... Read More

BRONTE is BACK!!!!‘s elegant Bronte exclusive KoKaDi has returned and is even more sophisticated than ever! Our second version is the same soft 100% cotton as version 1, but we requested KKD’s heavier weight for our final woven wrap... Read More
Boom boxes!

Boom boxes! BOOM boxes are new here at and boy do they pack a punch!! Which one do you have YOUR eye on?? Box #1: SALLY 6, Umbrella 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 Box #2: VV DW Purple 6, Shinobi 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 paxbaby... Read More
Magic Milk Boosters!!

Magic Milk Boosters!! Are you struggling to make enough milk? Is your toddler nursing like a newborn? Is your baby going through a growth spurt?? Give those boobies the boost they have needed!!! This herb blend can give you let down by the NEXT feeding! Try these... Read More
Brrr Bundle Up!

Brrr Bundle Up! Winter babywearing is somewhat of an acquired skill, that involves a bit of trial and error, and quite a few layers! As the temperatures drop, your babywearing safety knowledge should not. Here are a few tips to keep YOU and YOUR little ones... Read More
Lots of LOVE

Lots of LOVE paxbaby Surprise!!!! has another rainbow wrap for you to enjoy!!! There are only a few so, to keep you on your toes, Lots of Love, our newest Natibaby exclusive, will appear a couple of times today here at 11 am and 4 pm PST :... Read More
Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras

Holiday Leave has a few fun little extras available with purchase this holiday season! PAXbaby Leave the wrapping to us! *wink* paxbaby   paxbaby Add an adorable wrap scrap... Read More
Meet PAXmommy Christina

Meet PAXmommy Christina We thought that it would be nice for our PAXfriends to get to know our amazing PAXmommies that work so hard behind the scenes. Introducing: PAXmommy Christina Q: How long have you been a PAXmommy?? A: A little over 2 years now! Baby #3 was just... Read More
PAXfamily Sundays

PAXfamily Sundays PAXfamily Sunday photo is at Balboa Park at their famous December Nights event!!! Each day in Advent we are trying to do something special from cookie baking to holiday movie watching to festive family field trips! How are you making the season... Read More
Santa has ONE LIYH

Santa has ONE LIYH Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing… A ring! I don’t mean on the phone; Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!!! Want PAXsanta to visit you early? Comment on our Facebook Page, and we will choose a lucky lucky... Read More
Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun! What did you pick up from our amazing Thanksgiving weekend sale??? Gnome Grown? My Yellow Umbrella? Pixie Dust?? We still have a few of these special wraps left, but you will have to run! paxbaby pababy paxbaby *happy... Read More