Squeen’s Beads Rainbow Amber Necklace – Rainbow Nugget




Individually knotted on gray nylon with a twist clasp.

• Rhodocrosite- represents selfless love and compassion. It’s an irritant filter, relieves asthma & respitory problems and it helps remove denial…. providing help with emotional release.

• Red Aventurine- protects against environmental pollutuon, diffuses & turns negative situations around, brings understanding, stimulates perception, & enhances creativity.

• Milk & Honey Baltic Amber- Amber has a very strong connection with the Earth & us super grounding. It’s a natural anti bacterial, pain reliver, powerful healer & cleanser. Amber absorbs negative energies… it’s a protector, bringing stability. It’s motivating & can help counteract depression. Amber can act as a memory aid, bringing balance and it encourages decision making.

• Green Aventurine- Is a heart healer, is very comforting & harmonizing, it dissolves negative emotions & thoughts, it brings emotional calm.

• Blue Lace Agate- is a soothing healer which gives off a nice, subtle & soft energy. It encourages free expression of thoughts & feelings. Blue lace agate is very nurturing and supportive… neutralizing anger, infection, inflamation, and fever. It counteracts repression & suprssion of feelings. It also encourages verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.

• Amethyst- A very powerful protective stone. It’s a natural tranquilizer with strong healing & cleansing powers. Amethyst provides relaxation & sleep support. It’s very beneficial to the mind… providing deep understanding. Facilitates the decision making process. It enhances memory, improves motivation, balances highs & lows. Amethyst dispels amger, fear, rage & anxiety. It also relieves headaches, & other physical, emotional, and physiological pains.


Due to the personal nature of this product, returns won’t be taken.  All jewelry items are final sale only.  THANK YOU!

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