PAXexclusive Girasol *bb8* Woven Wrap Tote Bags PRE ORDER




Created for PAXmommy Jillian and her Baby 8 who was born much too early in May 2016, this beautiful wrap signifies so much more than a Star Wars character, but BB8 holds a special place in our hearts as the nickname for our wee Baby Blaise! Designed and woven originally by Ohana Wovens in the USA, you can wrap your baby in a PAXexclusive BB8 Girasol. There is a BB8 for everyone; PAXbaby, you’re my only hope! This beautiful design is exclusive to PAXbaby and Ohana Handwovens and available as a Girasol ONLY with PAXbaby,com, your #disneybound babywearing headquarters! *happy babywearing*

Wrap worn by PAXmommy Jillian is the original Ohana Handwovens; Girasol is also a handwoven wrap but in twill weave

Bags come in 2 sizes- Small and Large

Made by Girasol from a Girasol wrap, it’s like wrapping your wallet and keys in their own wrap!  Here are the stats:  The *small* Tote Bag is approximately 11 inches x 11 inches with a 40-inch strap.  It is big enough for a wetbag with several diapers, wallet, and keys.  The *large* Tote Bag is approximately 17 inches x 17 inches with a 44 inch strap.  It is big enough to fit a bag of groceries (I’m NOT kidding) a stack of library books, your toddler. . . you get the point!  It’s BIG!  Every babywearer needs one of these cuties.

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Small, Large