Buy a KKD – get POE Dibs…

Buy a KKD – get POE Dibs… All day today (Tuesday November 3rd, 2015), you will be able to add a Poe in your choice of available length or Flip size by ordering ANY in stock KoKaDi at PAXbaby; PAXmommy Celia will follow up your order with a link to check out for your Poe... Read More
Erika Hoffman – Didymos

Erika Hoffman – Didymos It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the great Erika Hoffman, the founder of DIDYMOS – Das Babytragetuch. March 22, 1937 – February 15, 2015 Erika paved the way for babywearing as we know it – her passion,... Read More
Good Juju

Good Juju

PAXbaby PAXbaby Designed by PAXmommy Jillian for a very special little girl, Good Juju is‘s newest Girasol exclusive woven wrap!!! This black & white striped wrap has a length of rainbow along one rail; kismet for those looking for a refined yet... Read More
Summer Babywearing

Summer Babywearing Where have you worn YOUR babies this Summer??? Camping? Hiking? Traveling? How many weddings have you attended? Does your stash change much for hot weather? Do you find yourself avoiding certain carriers, and reaching for others more often?... Read More