Big family chat

Big family chat

What a mom of many needs to survive – other than a good baby carrier (or 2!) Determination Grace Strength Sense of humor   Without these, it would be impossible to overcome the obstacles of extreme sleep deprivation, anxiety, breastfeeding issues… Next... Read More
PAXbaby at MILK

PAXbaby at MILK Will you be attending MILK: An Infant Feeding Conference??? Don’t forget to come find us and say HI!!! Look for the RAINBOW umbrella!!! Which speaker are YOU most looking forward to hearing... Read More
Carseat Safety

Carseat Safety Carry your baby, not your car seat. Like it, share it, spread the word! We are not fueling the parent wars; merely shedding light on a common practice. It’s *never* safe to put a car seat on top of a cart, whether or not it clicks in. The... Read More
Bring on 2015

Bring on 2015 It has been QUITE the year… SO curious to see what 2015 will bring!! New babies? New rainbows? New babywearing adventures!?? Guaranteed that it will be another amazing one for the record books. All the best to YOU & your... Read More
Best for Babes – Coupon Code

Best for Babes – Coupon Code   We are SO pleased to be a part of this amazing initiative. Best for Babes provides amazing breastfeeding support for women... Read More

HAPPY NEW YEAR from! 2013 in the land of the PAXmommies was FILLED with pregnancies, BABIES and of course, LOTS of babywearing!!!! We *SO* excited to see what 2014 has in store for all of us at !!!!! Happy New Year from all of us!!! paxbaby *happy... Read More