Shopping list…

Shopping list… Who else abides by these rules when holiday shopping for their littles?? When you have a big family, shopping can become overwhelming, and EXPENSIVE! Paring down the gifts to four each has helped SO much. What are YOUR go-to shopping rules???... Read More
THANK YOU! Happy Thanksgiving 2015

THANK YOU! Happy Thanksgiving 2015 The PAXmoms hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow filled with the joy and laughter that is sharing home, heart and happiness with each other! Come on down to, and get shopping! Black Friday deals! 4, 3, 2,... Read More
Carseat Safety

Carseat Safety Carry your baby, not your car seat. Like it, share it, spread the word! We are not fueling the parent wars; merely shedding light on a common practice. It’s *never* safe to put a car seat on top of a cart, whether or not it clicks in. The... Read More