SMART BOTTOMS #PAXretreat2016 Thank you, Smart Bottoms for donating these adorable little snappable wetbags to our #PAXretreat2016 attendees! The thing that is great about these is that they are easily snapped onto any stroller or grocery cart for quick and easy access!... Read More
Rainbow Waters &

Rainbow Waters & Rainbow Waters designed this adorable mash up just for! Order a tee shirt, dress, or leggings in a variety of sizes for shipment on September 5! BB8 + rainbows = winning! paxbaby paxbaby... Read More

PAXscrap Did someone say PAXscrap by the inch?!??! Your wish is our command! Paxbaby PAXbaby Now what will YOU create??? paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More
Wrap Scrap Bundles!

Wrap Scrap Bundles! We’ve been scrap hoarding again!!! What will you create with one of our MEGA scrap bundles??? A quilt? A headband? Re-cover a chair in patchwork scrap??? AHHH!!! Or simply roll around in all the Wrap Scrap goodness!!!... Read More
Are you crafty??

Are you crafty?? Are you crafty with a glue gun? Are you creative with a needle? Are you crazy for wraps? Then YOU need to stalk on Saturdays! We stock wrap scrap bundles every week on Scrappy Saturday right here:... Read More