PAXnews 2/20/15

PAXnews 2/20/15

Everyone loves surprises, don’t they?!?! Secrets make ordinary things seem more FUN, and a surprise discount code certainly makes this email more fun! Click through the link below and discover the code that ONLY PAXnews subscribers can use to receive a... Read More
Boom boxes!

Boom boxes! BOOM boxes are new here at and boy do they pack a punch!! Which one do you have YOUR eye on?? Box #1: SALLY 6, Umbrella 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 Box #2: VV DW Purple 6, Shinobi 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 paxbaby... Read More
Jumpsac Rainbow Waves- NOW

Jumpsac Rainbow Waves- NOW Have YOU been waiting for‘s #ibc2014az exclusive JumpSac Rainbow Waves!?!?!? Well, we have some GREAT news!! Both the *purple* (red) and *cream* wefts are available NOW on our site!! You’re not going to want to miss out... Read More
The PAXmommies hit #IBC2014

The PAXmommies hit #IBC2014 The PAXmommies had an absolute BLAST at The International Babywearing Conference 2014 in Tempe, Arizona!! Not only did we have an amazing booth, and the opportunity to attend a bunch of really awesome classes, but we got to meet SO many awesome... Read More
Jumpsac Rainbow Waves

Jumpsac Rainbow Waves We are sooo excited about our newest exclusive, and our very first debut at the International Babywearing Conference (IBC)!! Introducing:’s Jumpsac – Rainbow Waves This 100% cotton Jumpsac, is unlike any Jumpsac we have... Read More