PAXplaydate at IBC2016

PAXplaydate at IBC2016 PAXplaydate at IBC2016!!! Meet PAXmommy Jillian in Atlanta! We are thrilled to announce that PAXbaby was invited to host an event at 2016’s International Babywearing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia! Be prepared because there will be a wrap... Read More
Meet & greet!!!!!

Meet & greet!!!!! Local PAXfriends, meet me at the Disneyland Hotel lobby on Monday! Come pick up your new Alice Through the Looking Glass wrap, take a quick selfie, or just hang out with PAXmommy Jillian at the TEACUPS in the LOBBY! If you are picking up your wrap please... Read More
Free Friday and MOMMYCON

Free Friday and MOMMYCON a Rafflecopter giveaway HAPPY FREE FRIDAY! MommyCon is coming to ANAHEIM this November 14th and do you know what that means?!?! OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!! You can get your MommyCon-on along with the PAXmoms and all of our favorite friends! Join us... Read More
PAXplaydate Release Forms!

PAXplaydate Release Forms! PAXbaby doesn’t want to rain on your parade, so let’s take care of business before the party starts! Please fill out these forms so we can have your details handy! This information will be kept privately and used for each PAXplaydate, so once... Read More