Little Sapling Toys

Little Sapling Toys Your little one will LOVE these adorable wooden creations from Little Sapling Toys whether they are teething or not! Great for sore, aching gums AND imaginative play later on! Thank you, thank you, for your most generous donation to our... Read More
Fall PAXretreat 2016

Fall PAXretreat 2016   paxbaby Looking to become a certified babywearing instructor? Want to add a depth of knowledge to the help you are able to offer new parents? Need to feel more acquainted with babywearing terms and movements in order to assist... Read More
Farewell, PAXmommy Christina!

Farewell, PAXmommy Christina!

 paxbaby paxbaby It’s been a lovely, busy and amazing 4 years working with PAXmommy Christina! She first asked me about being part of the PAXbaby team on a sunny afternoon while we were watching our baby boys climb clumsily on a local playground. I needed the... Read More
Handwoven ISO Angel

Handwoven ISO Angel Designed and woven just for our PAXretreat guests this last Fall, here is a gorgeous handwoven rainbow sure to pull on your heartstrings and make you say OOOOOH! Isn’t she gorgeous? Isn’t she wonderful? Thanks to Fairy River... Read More
#PAXretreat2015 Swag Bags!

#PAXretreat2015 Swag Bags! Attending one of PAXbaby‘s famous babywearing retreats is amazing in many ways, but one of the BEST perks of the event is our swag bag! PAXmommy Jillian has carefully selected the items for our swag bag, introducing our retreat attendees to some of... Read More
Double Rainbow Gradient

Double Rainbow Gradient RR grad has made its official appearance here at ?#?PAXretreat? and NOW it is time for YOU to get your hands on one!! *Cream Herringbone* *Azul Holandes Twill* AND, the never been released… *Azul Holandes Herringbone* Which is YOUR... Read More
Bellies at the #PAXretreat

Bellies at the #PAXretreat PAXmommy Jillian is making the face that we all want to make when we feel a pregnant belly!! Thank you, PAXfriend Angela, for attending our#paxretreat & sharing your baby with us! paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More
We are Here!!

We are Here!! We have officially finished DAY ONE of the #PAXretreat! There was food, friendship, freebies and of course… BABYWEARING!! Education is so important on our journey as babywearers and this retreat has provided such an awesome opportunity to... Read More
The COUNTDOWN is on…

The COUNTDOWN is on… There are less than 6 days to the PAXretreat!!! AHHH!!!! Will you be joining us?? Will you be bringing along a baby??? What is on your MUST-HAVES list for packing?? We are SO excited to meet all of you and have some fun while learning at the... Read More