PAXmommy Brianna’s BABY!

PAXmommy Brianna’s BABY! Our very own PAXmommy Brianna,’s manager, delivered her baby boy yesterday, June 29th at 8:24pm last night in a beautiful home birth, surrounded with the love of family and friends. Her wonderful new addition is 22″ long... Read More
PAXmommy Brianna is 39 Weeks

PAXmommy Brianna is 39 Weeks Our very own PAXmommy Brianna is 39 weeks pregnant with her  third baby. The last few weeks of pregnancy just seem to drag on. And on. And on… don’t they?? There is something so magical about those weeks, though. There really is... Read More
Happy Birthday, Corrina!!!

Happy Birthday, Corrina!!! Would you like the opportunity to WIN a Corrina’s Rainbow, before you can buy it?! Keep reading!! Happy birthday to PAXmommy Brianna’s litttle Corrina!! We are celebrating with not one, but TWO fabulous new versions of this PAXmommy... Read More
Yell Free Year

Yell Free Year PAXmommy Brianna is taking the Yell Free Year Challenge – and as a full time WAHM with a preschooler and a toddler (yes, Baby C will be ONE in only one month), as well as hoping for an adoption placement in 2014, it WILL be a challenge.... Read More
PAXmommies and Placentas

PAXmommies and Placentas

paxbaby paxbaby Hands up to those mommies that ingested their placenta post partum?? Did you eat it raw? In a smoothie? Dehydrated and encapsulated in pill form? Were you able to taste it? Did you notice a huge benefit? Did your family think you had gone off the deep... Read More
Corrina’s Rainbow

Corrina’s Rainbow

Paxbaby paxbaby Our amazing PAXmommy Brianna designed a legacy wrap for her Baby #2! And, man, can that girl design a rainbow… because Corinna’s Rainbow sold out today in record time!!!!! Everyone wants a piece!! Available in both *cream* and *black*... Read More and Milk Sharing and Milk Sharing This small amount of milk can make all the difference for a baby whose mother cannot exclusively breastfeed. If you have an oversupply or are holding on to a “freezer stash”, please consider donating! When PAXmommy Brianna fell... Read More