Sally! Is Sally on your Christmas list this year??? If you have been waiting all year long… NOW is your chance to snag this creepy but beautiful woven wrap. paxbaby *happy... Read More
NEW from Bijou Wear

NEW from Bijou Wear PAXbaby invites you to bring out your inner wild child and wrap up your little Disney fan in our newest cosplay wrap release! Created by Bijou Wear, our pair of tropically inspired wraps are ideal for your next trip to the Magic Kingdom. Named... Read More

Triton “I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue… where Triton is king and his merpeople sing!” PAXbaby’s Triton is a handsome cotton diamond weave woven wrap created by Girasol’s hand weavers in Guatemala and... Read More

BRONTE is BACK!!!!‘s elegant Bronte exclusive KoKaDi has returned and is even more sophisticated than ever! Our second version is the same soft 100% cotton as version 1, but we requested KKD’s heavier weight for our final woven wrap... Read More
Boom boxes!

Boom boxes! BOOM boxes are new here at and boy do they pack a punch!! Which one do you have YOUR eye on?? Box #1: SALLY 6, Umbrella 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 Box #2: VV DW Purple 6, Shinobi 6 & JumpSac Rainbow Waves Red 5 paxbaby... Read More