PAXmommy Mel’s loss

PAXmommy Mel’s loss “This should be my belly right now. I know five babies was not in our “plan” but now that #5 is no longer here, the pain of the loss runs deep. I never knew how much miscarriage can mess with your hormones, your mind, your... Read More
MySols are here!!!

MySols are here!!! The MySol is made from two layers of Girasol wrap fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried! Worn with either side facing out, the MySol is essentially reversible lengthening its life span and doubling its usability!... Read More
Carseat Safety

Carseat Safety Carry your baby, not your car seat. Like it, share it, spread the word! We are not fueling the parent wars; merely shedding light on a common practice. It’s *never* safe to put a car seat on top of a cart, whether or not it clicks in. The... Read More
PAXbaby Babywearing Retreat

PAXbaby Babywearing Retreat‘s Babywearing Retreat with Center for Babywearing Studies started this week in beautiful Temecula! The PAXmoms AND PAXfriends are learning a lot & having a great time! paxbaby paxbaby paxbaby paxbaby paxbaby paxbaby... Read More
Introducing: PAXmommy Alena

Introducing: PAXmommy Alena 1. First thing is first. Tell us your name, and how long you have been a PAXmommy for? Hi, I’m Alena and Ive been a PAXmommy for just over 2 years paxbaby 2. How many babies do you have? I have 6 babies, ranging in age from 13 years old to 11... Read More
Babywearing at the pool!

Babywearing at the pool! It is beautiful weather here at PAXbaby headquarters, so we headed to the pool for a little splash! PAXbaby #6 is only 19 days old, so it’s important to keep him covered up from the sun as well as being uproght (tummy to tummy) in our... Read More