Milk for Bailey

Milk for Bailey Please consider milk sharing with Bailey in any way possible! Her family lives in the SoCal area, so if you are a local pumping mama, or have excess stored in your freezer, please email... Read More
Where has babywearing taken you?

Where has babywearing taken you? How true is this for our little world of babywearing???? When did you first fall down the rabbit hole?? The world of babywearing has changed so much in the last few years, it truly is amazing. To think under ten years ago it was actually hard... Read More
You are not alone…

You are not alone… PAXmommy Mel was recently interviewed for an amazing project called The Mamas Project: (Post 1/2). Following her first two children Mel struggled with what she now identifies as postpartum anxiety. “I always thought that postpartum... Read More

Mothering Let this be our mantra for 2015. Let us band together as one. Root for one another, cheer each other on and be the best that we can be. And when we fall… let us pick each other back up and start again. Each day is a new day! paxbaby... Read More
Magic Milk Boosters!!

Magic Milk Boosters!! Are you struggling to make enough milk? Is your toddler nursing like a newborn? Is your baby going through a growth spurt?? Give those boobies the boost they have needed!!! This herb blend can give you let down by the NEXT feeding! Try these... Read More
Sling Ring a ding ding!

Sling Ring a ding ding! Do you need / want / have to have a wrap conversion ring sling this very moment – actually 2 days ago? You have come to the right place because specializes in ring slings!!! Rainbow or patterned, stripes or solids, our gorgeous array of... Read More
Best for Babes – Coupon Code

Best for Babes – Coupon Code   We are SO pleased to be a part of this amazing initiative. Best for Babes provides amazing breastfeeding support for... Read More
Going Greener!

Going Greener!

In celebration of Earth Day 2014, is proud to announce that we have been working with our manufacturers to make our product manuals available online!  Just think of it!  You’re out and about sharing your new wrapping skills with a friend and you... Read More
Hearts 4 Africa and Hippi Kid

Hearts 4 Africa and Hippi Kid is proud to host THREE  Uppymama *After Midnight* Auctions, to benefit Hippi Kid and Hearts 4 Africa!!  100% of the proceeds from these auctions, beyond the opening bid, will be sent to Hippi Kid to provide midwifery care and desperately needed... Read More
Let’s Talk Placentas!

Let’s Talk Placentas! Let’s chat about placentas, friends! Who has questions? Who has concerns? Did you keep yours? Did you have it encapsulated? It seems that perhaps the concept behind ingesting placentas can be scary or misinterpreted; let’s talk... Read More
Packed Lunches

Packed Lunches Well, with September comes back to school, and with back to school comes packed lunches. We, here at, are in love with the idea of Bento boxes. Cute, litterless, and fun, Bento boxes pack everything into one neat little package.... Read More