Sally! Is Sally on your Christmas list this year??? If you have been waiting all year long… NOW is your chance to snag this creepy but beautiful woven wrap. paxbaby *happy... Read More
Sally Stitches is back!

Sally Stitches is back! Wear during the holidays or all year round if you dare, Sally is our exclusive that we’ve been DYING to share with you! Sally is the brainchild of our wonderful designer at QuasiCo Creative and PAXmommy Jillian, who wanted a Nightmare... Read More
999 Happy Haunts!

999 Happy Haunts! Foolish mortal, the PAXmoms have received your sympathetic vibrations and would like to present to you creepy creeps with eerie eyes, a small memento from within the gates of such a spooky house that no one has ever found a way out!!! You can... Read More