Little Rock Creations

Little Rock Creations This whimsical custom accessory set created by Little Rock Creations out of PAXexclusive Simply Meant to Be makes the PAXmoms smile soooo big!!! We just love the little details, the Zero and Jack reach straps, the incredible Sally hood,... Read More
Rainbow Waters &

Rainbow Waters & Rainbow Waters designed this adorable mash up just for! Order a tee shirt, dress, or leggings in a variety of sizes for shipment on September 5! BB8 + rainbows = winning! paxbaby paxbaby... Read More

PAXscrap Did someone say PAXscrap by the inch?!??! Your wish is our command! Paxbaby PAXbaby Now what will YOU create??? paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More
Wrap Scrap Bundles!

Wrap Scrap Bundles! We’ve been scrap hoarding again!!! What will you create with one of our MEGA scrap bundles??? A quilt? A headband? Re-cover a chair in patchwork scrap??? AHHH!!! Or simply roll around in all the Wrap Scrap goodness!!!... Read More
Introducing Judy & Park

Introducing Judy & Park Have you ever wanted to learn more about the WAHMs behind‘s amazing products??? See how these artistic moms got started? See how they are able to create magic with little children under foot all day?! Now you can! The PAXmoms are happy to... Read More