PAXfluff OTW

PAXfluff OTW PAXfan Briana S. is looooving her new amber that she purchased during our EPIC SALE!! What PAXitems are you loving on right now??? Let’s see! paxbaby paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More
PAXgrab Bags!

PAXgrab Bags! Grab a bag at PAXbaby! Stuffed full of delightful goodies, our PAXgrab Bags are valued at over $200 each, but on sale now (Friday November 13, 2015 at 8 am PST) for $100! Take one home to split with your babywearing bestie, give away at your next local... Read More
Rainbow Amber

Rainbow Amber Some wear their heart on their sleeve, but you can wear your love around your neck! Your love for rainbows and for natural healing will both shine for all to see when you wear a Rainbow Jewelry necklace or bracelet! Created for PAXbaby by a... Read More
PAXnews 2/20/15

PAXnews 2/20/15

Everyone loves surprises, don’t they?!?! Secrets make ordinary things seem more FUN, and a surprise discount code certainly makes this email more fun! Click through the link below and discover the code that ONLY PAXnews subscribers can use to receive a... Read More
Get Your Amber Today!

Get Your Amber Today!

Baltic amber is a basic cure all! Is your baby teething? Did your toddler fall down? Is your tween getting growing pains? Does your teen have headaches? Do *you* have any discomfort? Wear amber! It is a natural analgesic (pain killer) and can be worn anywhere on the... Read More
Amazing Amber

Amazing Amber A jingle for Baltic Amber Got an ache or pain? Baby getting teeth? Toddler has an owie? Wear some amber Feel the comfort Soothing relief And natural care Baltic Amber, Baltic Amber Love it, wear it, enjoy it! Available in mama... Read More
All about Amber Jewelry

All about Amber Jewelry Teething is the bane of mommies’ existences – the crying, the whining, the suffering, the biting….  After enduring the terrible teething months of my first 3 babies, when #4 started to get the tell tale red cheeks and white bumps on his... Read More