Buckles & Straps

Beco Safety Buckles

The Beco Butterfly has special Safety Buckles at the shoulders. These buckles make it easy to load a child into the carrier, but with buckles within your toddler’s reach, they must be extra safe!

The first thing you will notice about these clips is that they will not come undone with just a squeeze. This is a two-handed buckle, and you must also push the small button on the front of the buckle while squeezing the two sides for the clip to open. Once you get the hang of it it will come naturally, and some Beco fans have figured out how to open these clips with just one hand, leaving the other free to hold your baby.

Adjusting the length of the strap at this buckles can also pose a bit of a challenge. While your baby is small, keep these straps nice and tight, the end of the strap at the carrier should be as short as possible next to the elastic that holds the infant insert buckle. As your baby grows, and especially when you are wearing a toddler, you will need to loosen these traps to give your child more room in the carrier. To loosen, first push some of the webbing through the buckle, then grab hold of that loop and pull in some of the extra webbing. To tighten, you may be able to just pull on the loose end of the webbing. However, if this is too tight, then follow the same directions for loosening, but pull in on the slack.

Fortunately you shouldn’t need to fuss with the length of these buckles too often, just set it where it’s comfortable for you and a good fit for your baby, and then forget it!

Beco Chest Clip

The Beco Chest Clip is attached to the shoulder strap along runners. You can easily move this strap up or down on these runners to achieve a custom fit for you.

Buckle Your Chest Clip First

PAXbaby Suggestion! A benefit to the internal seat on the Beco Butterfly II is that when you are doing a front carry, you can buckle your chest clip first!

Instead of trying to awkwardly reach behind you and fish for the buckle, put it together before you put the shoulder straps on. Then you can slip the already-fastened chest clip over your head and put your arms in the straps, almost like putting on a shirt. With the safety buckles open to give you access to the internal seat, it will be easy to load your baby in the Beco!