Beco Butterfly II Infant Insert

The Beco Butterfly II comes with an infant insert that is removable and adjustable. This insert helps raise small babies in the carrier so they are well positioned under your chin.

To use your Beco Butterfly Infant insert, attach the Velcro of the insert to the inside of the carrier. The Velcro on the inside of the Butterfly is located under a flap of fabric where the Warnings are screen-printed. How far up you position the insert can be adjusted to best fit your baby. Once the Velcro is securely in place, clip the buckles at the top of the insert into the buckles on the carrier. The buckles you are looking for are smaller than the large safety buckles near the shoulder and might be hidden under a bit of black elastic. That’s it! You’re ready to take your little baby for a stroll!

Remember the infant insert should only be used up to 15 pounds, you may choose to stop using it earlier, if your baby is ready to sit in the main seat of the carrier without it.  You will be able to tell that your baby is ready to move on when his head rides too high out of the carrier.  Either lower the infant insert or, if the infant insert is already at the bottom, remove it completely.

Beco Butterfly II Infant Insert

When your baby has outgrown the infant insert, it’s easy to remove! Simply unclip the top buckles and pull the bottom off the Velcro. The end of the buckles that are still left on your carrier can be tucked away inside the black elastic on the top straps of your Butterfly. Put your infant insert somewhere safe so you can use it again for your next baby!

Beco Butterfly II Sleeping Hood

The Beco Butterfly II comes with a sleeping hood that is quite useful for holding up your little one’s head when he falls asleep! The sleeping hood is removable, so make sure to fold and store it in the sleeve on the waist band of your Beco when it’s not in use.

The bottom of the hood has three snaps on it. Fasten these snaps to their mates in the solid-color strip of fabric near the Beco tag on the front of your carrier. If you are going to be wearing your baby on your back and you anticipate that she will fall asleep, do this before you put her in the Beco and let the hood hang down until you are ready to use it.

Once your baby is asleep, pull the hood up and use the snaps on the ends of the straps to fasten it to the snaps on the shoulder straps of your Beco. Voila! Baby can sleep and you go on with your day!