Three months

Three months I’m feeling especially grateful tonight for friends near and far who’ve held my hand, rubbed my back, and taught me how to put one foot in front of the other again! It’s been 3 months since I was pregnant last, and not a day... Read More
PAXfluff OTW

PAXfluff OTW PAXfan Briana S. is looooving her new amber that she purchased during our EPIC SALE!! What PAXitems are you loving on right now??? Let’s see! paxbaby paxbaby *happy babywearing*... Read More

Win a SOLLY BABY Wrap Who wants to win a baby carrier for your group today? Group leaders, please comment on our Facebook post! Group members, like the comment! has TWO carriers to give away! One will go to the comment with the MOST LIKES! The other will... Read More
Rainbow Waters &

Rainbow Waters & Rainbow Waters designed this adorable mash up just for! Order a tee shirt, dress, or leggings in a variety of sizes for shipment on September 5! BB8 + rainbows = winning! paxbaby paxbaby... Read More
Fall PAXretreat 2016

Fall PAXretreat 2016   paxbaby Looking to become a certified babywearing instructor? Want to add a depth of knowledge to the help you are able to offer new parents? Need to feel more acquainted with babywearing terms and movements in order to assist... Read More
Hormones & Breastfeeding

Hormones & Breastfeeding When I was miscarrying our eighth baby, breastfeeding helped my body & hormones regulate. By this point in my pregnancy, my milk was drying up quickly, but #toddlercate was happy to nurse and help her mama feel better! #oxytocin... Read More